What you notice Also known as closed comedones, whiteheads are small acne protected with a skinny layer of skin that looks as a white bump. The bump is fashioned with the aid of useless pores and skin cells and oils that have collected in a hair follicle, or pore.

What you could do approximately Don’t try to pop it! Unlike pustules (see below), whiteheads are below the pores and skin and squeezing will no longer help. You’ll simply turn out to be with a pimple that’s even extra indignant and infected. Try chemical exfoliants that comprise salicylic and/or glycolic acid, which can help ruin down useless skin cells, sebum and different pore-clogging gunk. An early-stage pimple patch, like Micropoint for Blemishes, also can assist under-the-skin zits become a whitehead faster, shortening the wait time for zits to return to a head! It uses hyaluronic microneedles to penetrate the pores and skin, so salicylic acid and other zits-fighting elements can attain the pimple’s core.