No dedicated reading corner? Does not matter. If your home doesn’t have any remaining real estate that can be converted into a reading nook, design your formal living room to double as a cozy lounge. Here, Heidi Kaylie strategically chooses furniture with soft and comfortable fabrics and shapes, ideal for entertaining or relaxing alone.

Don’t be afraid of black paint

The soft black hue of paint in this bedroom gives a special and intimate feel that you would never get with lighter colors (that particular color is Farrow & Ball fence). Eclectic furniture also works well in the dark and creates a livelier and more comfortable atmosphere.

Empty chimney shape

Rethink how to shape an empty fireplace. In this texture-rich environment, interior designer Liane Ford turned an empty fireplace into a small gallery where ceramics and artwork are on display.

Treat Your Windows

Adding the right window treatments can change everything. We are mostly in Roman colors with fun patterns. “It goes against 101 décor, but using small patterns together can be easier to see,” says interior designer Kristin Panic, who designed these gorgeous pink bedrooms.

Redesigning the bookshelf

From ink-stained wood to contemporary side chairs and clear stairs, this home library designed by Fiona Lynch is a great contemporary take on traditional design. You can fill it with books – or add decorative accents and accessories like vases and statues to break the monotony of a book wall. Or coordinate the colors of your book. Not only do they feel more cohesive, but if you have very light colors in your collection, they will stand out more.

Prepare breakfast

Breakfast with a view? We’re in. It also proves that you don’t have to have a real built-in corner to create the right atmosphere.

Decorate your entrance

If you don’t have a big lobby – or you have one but you need some love – try a small console table. For a formal yet modern aesthetic, opt for a traditional table and then hang modern abstract art on it. Then lean some portraits on the wall to enjoy the gallery wall.

Bring a stool in the bathroom

Slide the stool next to the tub. The extra space not only helps with organization, it’s also a great way to add luxury to an entire space.