Shape-Hexagon is a popular shape but triangular can be placed in areas where space is limited.

Corner aquariums can be used so that they are discreet but can still be seen. The conventional rectangular shape can be taken to new levels with the addition of extras like putting it in a custom made case that has area above and below that contains all the tubing and wiring. Go for glass that has a blue light behind it and the whole look changes. Don’t hold back. The choices become limitless. Wall mounted instead of having it as free-standing? Deeper or taller than your normal sized tank?

Type of aquarium – Saltwater or freshwater fish tank? Freshwater is less expensive in the form of start up costs however you cannot match the sheer brilliance of a saltwater tank. Are saltwater harder to look after than freshwater? While there is more details that need to be considered; use the right atmosphere and know what care needs to be done to take proper care of the fish. Do you homework first. Acrylic is the best material to use as it is lighter than glass and it is easy to make unique. If your budget is a concern then you can still go for glass.

Choose fish and plants that live well together as you are designing an ecosystem. Some fish do not get on well and have some preferences when it comes to plants.  You don’t want to invest in a lot of fish and plants that end up dead.

Choosing to go with custom made aquariums opens up a world of possibilities that you may not have considered with a conventional aquarium. Take into consideration the factors I have outlined in this article when making your final decision to set off that special area at the home or office.