The most important thing to note when making arrangements is that everything can be an accessory. That bit of twine that came off your package this morning can be tied around a vase in a festive bow and add instant character and style to your arrangement to make it unique. Those blocks or toy cars your kids have lying on the floor, if you take a couple and hot glue them to multicolored tongue depressors and then add one or two to the bow around your vase you’ve instantly got a themed bouquet to bring to your neighbor’s children’s birthday party.

Candles, ribbons, twine, wire, birds, frogs, butterflies, lady bugs and dragon flies can all be added to make a very natural looking bouquet. Containers of different shapes, sizes, patterns and conventions can make unique looking displays, you don’t even have to stick to the traditional vase but put your arrangement in a miniature water can for a charming country look, a small nosegay in a shot glass with a bit of ribbon and a pendant from a necklace can add pizzazz to a desk. You don’t have to stick to the ordinary; you can branch out and make your arrangement extraordinary.

You don’t have to just have flowers in your arrangement you can include a whole plethora of things like spoons, or rattles, or noise makers, or little Santas attached to tongue depressors in a basket of poinsettias. Basically anything you can attach to a tongue depressor or special little plastic stakes used for attaching cards in flower arrangements can also be used to attach things to it. If you’re using clear containers then look into craft sized pebbles, rocks, colored glass marbles and even candle shavings to provide interest and color in the container itself to match it to your arrangement. If you’re giving a friend the gift of a potted plant you can include miniature rakes and trowels in the arrangement, adding utility as well as flair and interest.