The best time to sow desert rose seeds is in the spring. Get a well-draining potting mix with perlite or use a sand and soil mix. You can pre-soak the seeds for several hours or up to a day to rehydrate them, then place one seed every two inches on the growing medium. Cover lightly with a thin layer of soil mixture.

Water well and store the plants in a warm place. Only water the soil when it starts to dry out. You can also mist the soil or water the container from below, but don’t let the soil become waterlogged. Once the plants have germinated, which usually happens within a week to 10 days, move the container to a sunny location.

Pot and replant a desert rose
Repot the plant as needed, usually when the roots fill the container and the plant becomes root bound. This can be once a year or every two years. If you don’t want your plant to grow much larger, you can keep it in its current container. Keeping a plant rooted slows its growth. The best time for replanting is during late winter or early spring, preferably as soon as new growth emerges.