Wishing wells date back to Romano-British and Celtic mythology, although much mystery still surrounds this ritual. In modern society, whether superstitious or simply feeling a little lucky, countless people offer coins to the depths of wishing wells, hoping to receive a wish in return. You can bring this ancient tradition to your home garden, use a decorative wishing well to decorate and maybe bring your garden some luck. Without the deep pit of working wells, you can use the inside of the wishing well and the surrounding garden space to inspire your landscape design.

Create a flower bed to surround the wishing well, follow the shape of the wishing well to shape the design. For example, you can surround a round wishing well with a round flower bed; add a square flower bed around a square wishing well; If you want to add some geometric diversity to your design, use different shapes, such as a square flower bed around a round wishing well.

Plant short flowers and ground cover plants in the flower bed surrounding the wishing well. Although you can plant taller plants, choosing shorter plants ensures that the wishing well is clearly visible and the plants simply highlight the feature. If you want to include some taller plants, plant them a few feet away from the wishing well so that the height accentuates without hiding the wishing well.