Tiered Garden Design
Pavers are really a simple and effective way to dress up any exterior, especially along any areas you want to show off during weekend gatherings. For a more elaborate and luxurious touch to your front exterior, a step design can be an ideal choice to spruce up your walkway. You can choose to include wide steps or bunk beds in the garden next to your walkway for a modern and sophisticated look. A custom driveway design like this will add value to your home and offer durable, long-lasting results with minimal maintenance required.

Connect your driveway and patio
Driveways in particular can suffer a lot of damage during the winter season thanks to all the salt, ice and shoveling. If yours is past the repair stage, why not continue your interlock design throughout your front exterior? Flagstone is naturally durable and tough, especially when installed over old concrete. It also provides better grip for your vehicles and foot traffic as water does not affect the surface or make it slippery. You get a nice surface that is durable and safer.