While properly landscaping your yard isn’t technically the same as decorating your yard, it’s just as (if not more!) important. That’s because the right greenery lays the foundation for the rest of your outdoor environment’s ambiance. Sure, you can set the mood with strings of lights and some garden stakes. But the results will be so much more remarkable if you invest in some houseplants first.

Whether you create a rose garden, tuck fragrant herbs into planters or simply display some succulents in pots is entirely up to you. The most important thing is that you make an effort to elevate your space with lush, vibrant plants and flowers.

Wind chimes are a wonderful way to add depth, harmony and structure to your garden. These pieces of garden decor whistle in the wind and bring soothing melodies to any backyard, porch or garden.

In parts of Asia wind games are considered lucky. They are believed to increase the flow of chi and bring great energy to their surroundings. Plus, wind chimes come in a variety of shapes and styles, so there’s something for every type of home and garden.

You can find vintage wind chimes online or in thrift stores. For new wind chimes, check out our large wind chime collection for unique, handcrafted pieces. You can attach a wind chime to a porch rafter or a favorite tree.