The pink princess philodendron is on the list of most sought-after colorful indoor plants, thanks to its popular heart-shaped leaves with streaks of bright pink. In fact, this plant is so beloved that cuttings for PPP cost upwards of $100.

But is the pink princess philodendron worth the cost? Let’s dive into why this philodendron variety costs so much, where you can actually buy one, and how to care for it if you manage to bring one home.

Pink Princess Philodendron Cost
PPP is so expensive because it is rare. Although it is a variety of Philodendron Erubescens, which is relatively common, the pink variety of Philodendron does not occur by itself very often. To produce the sought-after mottled pigment, it must be grown from tissue culture. Even so, not every batch will result in a bright pink splash.

Since the plant cannot be reliably propagated to guarantee a pink variety, even if the mother plant is already heavily variegated with pink, most growers will not risk spending time and money trying to mass produce them.

Social media popularity
Like the spotted begonia, social media exposure has increased demand for PPP (and in turn increased its price). A quick search on Instagram under the hashtag #pinkprincessphilodendron will result in tens of thousands of posts of the pink beauty. The plant’s viral presence combined with its difficulty to grow makes this houseplant a collector’s dream if they can afford it.

How to buy a Pink Princess Philodendron
Unfortunately, you’re not likely to come across a whole pink princess philodendron for sale at your local garden center. These plants are usually sold via cuttings at specialty nurseries or from sellers on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace. Some people are essentially selling part of their personal collection.

Beautiful bright pink and black leaf of Philodendron Pink Princess, a popular houseplant