I love cones! They are a fun way to bring winter vibes into your home decor without it being like snowflakes and snowmen.

You can use pine cones in many ways, but one fun thing to do for Christmas is to make a tabletop Christmas tree out of pine cones!

I have made pinecones in two ways – one supermini and another a little bigger.

Either it’s a fun Christmas craft to do alone while drinking wine or with your kids!

Also, you can paint these pine cones green. I chose not to, to go for a more “natural” look, but if you want more Christmas, just add green spray paint!

How to make wine cork mini cone Christmas trees
Accessories needed:
Wine corks
Serrated knife
Hot glue gun + glue
Glitter paint, sequins, pearls or whatever you want to use as ornaments
Steps to do:
Make sure your cones have dried completely and opened
Use a serrated knife to carefully cut a cork in half widthwise to make 2 shorter “stubs”
Use hot glue to attach the cut end of the cork to the bottom of the cone
When dry, use glitter paint or glue + sequins to add embellishments!
cut a cork in half
put hot glue on a cork
gluing a cone to a cork
add glitter to a cone
If you’re making this Christmas tree craft for kids, you can use coaster-sized sliced ​​wood instead of corks to make them easier to balance and less likely to tip over!

Kids might like to decorate with larger sequins or even pom poms to create an adorable pinecone collection!

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