Aside from location, curb appeal is one of the biggest contributors to your home’s value. And what makes or breaks your curb? Your garden landscape. In fact, a Michigan State University study found that good landscaping can add 5-11% to your perceived home value. After all, your front yard is the first impression people get when they drive by your house or walk up to your front door.

Revitalize your landscape and breathe new life into your curb with these easy DIY projects. And best of all, these are all projects that you can do in a weekend without breaking the bank.

Even if you use a different material for a garden bed, you can add stones or rocks that break up the profile for a subtle natural accent. In many cases, landscaping ideas with rocks can serve an important function as well, such as making a rock drain for your rain gutters that will keep an area from getting too muddy. Other ideas include breaking up a bed or adding pea borders to your walkways. This project will only run you around $20-$50, depending on how much area you cover.

Landscaping lights are cheap (as cheap as $20), and usually solar powered. This means that you can simply choose the color that you like, put them in the ground along your walkway or bordering a flower bed and let them themselves light up your garden at night.

You can also upgrade to outstanding features such as lanterns, lighting that folds into a walkway or even faux stones with integrated lights that blend seamlessly into the landscape.

Simply upgrading or refreshing the borders of your flower beds will change the entire look of the plants and features that are already there. Pavers, precast blocks, and natural stone held in place with a $30 plastic edging kit are all good candidates, depending on the style of your home.

Plant ground covers to hide unsightly areas
Not all farms are flat and grass does not grow in all places. You can use a ground cover, such as Pachysandra, to add greenery and color to areas where shade or slopes make it difficult for grass to grow. With seasonal maintenance, groundcovers can look neat and professional without overshadowing the parts of your yard where grass and other features shine.