Although a true book lover can curl up almost anywhere for hours on end, there’s a reason why certain places—like a hammock between two trees or a plush armchair by the fire—are ripe for reading. These areas are comfortable and feel special – as if they were put on this earth just to turn the page.

If your home lacks a place that evokes that kind of emotion, don’t despair. It is easy to create a cozy reading corner in the bedroom, living room or even an unused corner in the attic.

Sure, you can go the extravagant route, hire a contractor to build a built-in bench under the stairs or completely transform a closet into your own personal library. But some of the most inspiring reading corners are actually much less fussy. For toddlers and children, consider a simple floor pad under a canopy, a fluffy felt-lined tent, or even a DIY hammock. For adults, a sophisticated leather armchair with easy-to-grow indoor plants or a colorful window seat does just the trick.

No matter which reading nook route you go, it doesn’t take much to make it a comfortable spot either. Style your space with lots of soft, plush textiles – think cushions and fuzzy or knitted blankets. Mood lighting – scented candles, work lamps or string lights – also make the private space feel warm. And if you feel like a little more styling, don’t be shy to add art prints and anything else that makes you feel at home.