Vegetable production is not only useful in the countryside or in the garden but can be grown now in the heart of the city or just in your home even with only a limited space.

If your home has an area with plenty of sunlight – a requirement for growing vegetables, you can grow them successfully. What are the places that can be used for gardening? You can use your patio, balcony, terrace, roof terrace, deck, windowsill, walkways, etc.

Be aware of the sunlight requirement for each type of crop. For leafy vegetables, the sunlight should be about four hours throughout the day, for fruit vegetables at least 7-8 hours of sunlight are needed daily and root vegetables require about 6 hours of sunlight per day.

And besides producing your own vegetables in a safer way, the attack of common pests and diseases can be greatly minimized. You can also improve soil conditions by adding some soil improvements; such as manure, compost and other important nutrients that plants need.

Everything in your home that is considered garbage can be put to maximum use by turning it into compost. Even your household waste water can be used to irrigate your plants.

In other words, gardening is considered the practice that uses useless things.

Which containers are ideal for gardening?

Growing vegetables can be done in any type of container such as; cans, plastics, buckets, split vehicle tires, cement bags, feed bags, bottled water plastic, gallon cans, cylinder blocks, milk containers, bamboo cuttings or other containers that have been thrown away. Also coconut shells, banana leaves, leaves of coconut are ideal as potting material especially for short season vegetables, like pechay, lettuce, mustard, etc.