Building pergolas is a very effective way to add beauty to your home. Not only that it enhances the beauty of the house but also adds surveillance value to the home. Well, you would never want to sell your house once you have a pergola in your house. Reason, there are hundreds of designs and styles to establish pergola in your house. All you have to do is find the perfect design that matches your house and blends in with it as if it has always been there.

Clad Design: This design breaks the actual definition of pergola by including cladding or roof in the design. It provides benefits from harsh sun rays and other mild natural disasters. The number of cladding options can be chosen such as screen fabric, acrylic or steel panels, wooden gratings or trellises, sails or even thatched roofs. Each has its own advantages so you need to make your choice accordingly.

Open top: A traditional structural design that perfectly defines the pergola. With an open roof, this structure is basically designed to support vines and trellises. Open structures bring a unique Mediterranean feel to your backyard. This has been used for centuries and is still popular to create an authentic feel and create a natural landscape. While they are attractive, they add interest to the garden by providing a lot of nature within the structure.

Gable: A gable pergola can be defined as a structure consisting of two sloping roof halves with triangular space at the end of a roof. These are lighter structures and unable to carry heavy loads. The gable shape of the structure can also function as a cross beam, which can also be used to hang screen cloth or some other kind of screen material. Training vines along the beam can also be good ideas to beautify it. Covering the structure will give a contained feeling, giving the impression of an indoor living room.