Some things to consider when deciding where to place your patio are what you will be using the space for. Note where the sun is during the day. You don’t want to sit directly in the sun if you prefer to enjoy the shade. If your patio is under trees or large bushes to enjoy that shade, just be aware that there will be more maintenance as you will need to remove debris from the patio regularly.

Patios can be built from flagstones, paving stones, even loose material such as pea gravel. It really depends on what look you want to achieve. Cobblestones laid on sand give a country look. It is a very hard and durable surface and is naturally slip resistant making it a good choice for outdoor installations. Pea gravel is easy to install and is perfect for creating a cozy seating area. It is a bit more difficult to walk around so if your intention is to use the patio for entertaining, it would be wise to put in a static patio with a hard surface. Pavers are very versatile as you can create many shapes and patterns with them. They are also available in a variety of colors.