If you’ve decided to change the look of your kitchen this year, painting your cabinets a new color is a great (and relatively low-profile) way to freshen things up. However, choosing just the right shade can be challenging. Maybe you’re looking to deviate from a classic, all-white look, but 2022’s maximalist kitchen trend isn’t your taste either. Enter blue kitchen cabinets, one of the most versatile and proven ways to give your cooking space some serious star power.

There’s no doubt that the color has had a moment: Benjamin Moore named a soothing shade called Aegean Teal the 2021 color of the year; the year before, Pantone named Classic Blue its color everywhere. But unlike other “it” colors (here’s looking at you, Digital Lavender), blue has long been seen as a classic, and with a veritable rainbow of shades and hues out there, it’s a shade that can be amped up or down to suit your style.