Dining areas need light that can be dimmed to create a soothing atmosphere and coordinate with guests, lights, etc. Stylish pendants give the decor a lift, provide a soft downlight and create pools of light at bars and eat at counters. Dimmers, which are easy to install, not only reduce the power used by the lighting fixture, but extend the life of the bulb in that fixture! More savings!

Ambient lighting is best for illuminating the entire kitchen space at the touch of a button. An overhead “troffer,” a rectangular fluorescent ceiling fixture with two to four tubes, often installed by contractors, provides only overall lighting for a kitchen.

Recessed lighting cans, available in 6.5, 4 and 3 inch cans with a variety of finishes including brushed nickel, white and bronze, create a beam of downlight that illuminates a given area where the light falls. Although this light is usually high contrast, the distance from where it is installed to the surface it illuminates changes the strength of the light. Recessed eyeball lights can be positioned to illuminate specific areas. New offers in LED recessed lighting guarantee 35,000 hours before you have to climb a ladder to replace the recessed bulb. It’s a great option!