Have you noticed that kitchen upgrades and remodeling concepts seem to be a constant thread in the latest DIY and home improvement programs? Updating your kitchen is one of the most effective ways to give your home a fresh look and increase its value. There are many things that can go into a kitchen upgrade/renovation such as flooring, cabinets, the latest appliances and of course new light fixtures to ensure all upgrades are showcased with the right lighting. One way to add that special designer touch to your kitchen upgrade is with under-cabinet lighting.

Previously, there was only one option for under-cabinet lighting, and that was fluorescent tubes. Then a year ago we were introduced to low voltage Xenon fixtures. The beauty of these fixtures is that they are fairly easy to install, just like the fluorescent, but they do have maintenance items that will eventually need to be replaced. The xenon fixture has a transformer inside and the fluorescent fixture has a ballast that needs to be replaced, the bulbs will also eventually burn out and need to be replaced. Another issue to be aware of is that both of these fixtures produce heat that seeps up into the cabinet.

A new efficient option is the Design Pro LED under-cabinet luminaire series from Kichler; The benefits of these fixtures are enormous. First of all, you should never have to replace a light bulb, the LEDs (light emitting diode) are guaranteed for 40,000 hours, which will last most of us a lifetime.

LED fixtures generate almost no heat as the LED bulbs are an energy saver of 3 watts each, which also provides up to 70% energy savings compared to a comparable xenon or fluorescent fixture. These high-intensity low-voltage lamps provide a more even light distribution and a high level of color reproduction. So if you have expensive countertops or a beautiful glass backsplash LED under cabinet lighting will ensure that the true colors are brought out. The food that you cook will look beautiful too.

LED luminaires are very thin, which means that the luminaire can be placed closer …