To accessorize this color scheme, you can add red vintage linen or red plastic seats to your kitchen table. There is also a wide range of kitchen appliances such as toasters, kettles and even fridges and cookers in red.

2) Pink, black and white. Starts as before, with a black and white checkered floor or pink and black, but would be much harder to buy on the high street. Then have white cabinets with a black work surface and white tiled splashback. Then you can go wild with pink, shock pink walls, pink blinds and pink kitchen accessories. All these pink accessories are wildly available and very easy to get hold of.

3) Turquoise, black and white. This color scheme starts again with the black and white floor, white cabinets and splashbacks. Then add turquoise blue to the walls, curtains, bedding and seating. It is also possible to find some turquoise kitchen appliances, although they are quite rare.

4) Red, white and teal. Just for a change, have red and white checkered vinyl flooring as your starting point. You can then paint your cabinets or kitchen walls in teal, with a white tiled splash.

If you can find a red work surface it would look amazing and very retro. Then add your kitchen accessories in either red or teal, it will almost certainly be easier to find red accessories. Remember to always keep a balance between colors.

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