For those who like elegant and traditional accents in your house, you can consider classic decor. We are here to give you some information on this topic. Everything you have ever asked yourself can be answered in this article. So check this out.

Classic design is associated with all styles from the 18th century. Now you are probably wondering which furniture symbolizes this style. You can consider popular styles such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, Neoclassical, and French Provincial. This style can be seen mostly in the dining room, especially the table. When you find oval or rectangular dining tables with wooden side chairs or upholstered seats and backs. These dining rooms usually come with a buffet or sideboard and a freestanding china cabinet as an alternative to built-in storage.

Now we are talking about window treatment. Windows are made to give balance to the room by tending towards the length of the floor. Typical traditional accents use more hard surfaces than soft ones. Pleated drapery panels are covered with cornices, swags and curtains and decorated with trim. The paper panels have Italian strings or tassels.

Let’s move on to lighting considerations. We are once again talking about the dining room as the significant part of classic design. A feature of traditional design dining tables is that they always hold a chandelier in the middle. For the wall decoration, you can use either light or electric to give the feeling of classic look. You can also put buffet lamps and candlesticks on the serving pieces. Silver candlesticks will be perfect for candlelight dinners and add a romantic atmosphere to our feel.

Another consideration, flooring becomes an important aspect for classic touch. To give a traditional accent, you can choose marble or wood. Additionally, you can add some rugs to soften the floors. For the dining room, we suggest placing them under the table. For the patterns on the rugs, you can consider either orientals, such as Tabriz and Kirman, or French Aubussons. Finally, to give beautiful decoration, you can add some cornice. For the color of this strip, you can choose glossy white, cream or black. You can also add some ceiling medallions for this accent.

Living Room interior design in elegant Classic style in the privat residence