While you’re at it, consider putting glass fronts on the cabinets. By letting the eye move outside the front of the cabinets, you create the illusion that the kitchen is bigger. You should also consider using lighting in creative ways when decorating small kitchens, as adding under-counter lighting will make your space appear larger.

If counter space is your concern, you can free up more space by installing under-cabinet or under-counter appliances such as can openers, microwave ovens, toasters and spice racks. Simply finding ways to decorate small kitchens by getting things off your counter will give you more space to work and enjoy your small kitchen.

Too much color or pattern can be distracting and even claustrophobic in a small kitchen. To add character and interest to the kitchen, consider crown molding, range hood detailing and cabinet legs.

Although most kitchens are rectangular, you can add interest by adding a curved island to soften the “boxiness” of the room.

Important in all kitchens is to use quality materials, wooden cabinets and the best pulls or handles. Open shelves allow plates and glasses to add color and shape to the room.

Countertop basics include using just one or at most two colors for your countertops to make your kitchen look bigger. Artificial surfaces such as quartz and granite are extremely forgiving and durable when used hard. Concrete has become popular in recent years and can be dyed any color; however, it is a challenging material as it can crack over time.